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Review by Madstedotcom
Before you ask yes that is the correct spelling, and no I’m not going to tell what a GameKlip is straight away. First I will explain how I discovered this item. I was looking for an handheld emulation device after being a bit disappointed in emulating 16 bit systems on a Nintendo DS. The options I could find was a modded PSP, dedicated emulation handheld device e.g. GP32, Dingoo etc, Chinese Android based device e.g. JXD products or android phones. Obviously all these had their own unique advantages and disadvantages, while looking at these I discovered the GameKlip.
In its simplest form it is a bracket that will hold your android phone and a PS3 controller. You can then either connect via cable or wireless depending on handset and requirements. As luck would have it I have a PS3 pad and I was due a new phone upgrade.
This review will be based on my experience with my handset, what Apps I have tried etc I will try to give an overview from the research I carried out but be warned your experiences may well differ and please carry out your own research before buying.
I chose the Samsung Galaxy S3 for a few reasons, there is a specific GameKlip for this phone (other phones use an universal GameKlip that requires a case to be glued to the GameKlip), it supports a wired connection and it was in my price range.
After waiting about 10 days for my GameKlip to arrive from the States, not too shabby, I finally got my hands on it. Included in the packaging are the GameKlip, cable and some sweets, so after eating the sweets I went about setting it up. The PS3 Pad clips securely into place and the S3 slides nicely into place. The supplied cable is also just right length to connect pad to phone. To enable wireless connection the phone needs to be rooted and you also require a third party App which is not free. Therefore I have left mine with the wired connection. Once everything connected you just press the PS button on the controller and you can use the controller to move a selection box around your home screen. At this point I needed to reset my PS3 pad for it to stay connected.
Once you have made the connection you can then set up the controller in any emulator or android game that has the option to map controls to physical buttons. Every emulator I have tried thus far allows for this but I have heard some people say the PSP emulator does not have this option. Android games however are more of a lottery whether this is supported or not. However the same App that allows a wireless connection supports assigning parts of the touch screen to controls on the PS3 Pad. I have not tried this myself so can not comment on how this works in practice.
From my experiences so far I have been able to easily set up the controller for every emulator I have used. The only issue I have found is no analogue stick support on PS1, but again this is an issue with the App or the game and I’m sure if spent some time with it I could sort it out either through different emulators or different versions and I have only tested it with one game. Yes, it is a game that supports analogue controls. It is also not very portable, I use mine sat on the sofa while the girlfriend watches the soaps. I still use this pad on my PS3 and have had no need to carry out another reset on the pad, also you can leave the Gameklip on the pad so not going to weaken the grip by continual removal of the pad.
I would definitely recommend one however please read all the info you can find on how to connect your phone to a PS3 pad beforehand!!
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Samsung Galaxy S3 with GameKlip Overall 4/5

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